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Short Film Nominated on and Reviewed by

Along with nominating our short film Neer for their monthly selections, short film platform Shorted India put out a great review for our film.

:"The film is a calm engagement with the protagonist's attempts to locate himself vis-a-vis the ideas of truth and existence. He is an NRI, returned to a small Indian town to sell his ancestral property before he heads back to his life in the US to never turn back. However, the most unexpected realisations about his past, ideas of love and what it means to allow his foundational roots to open doors (both literal and metaphorical) await him before his departure.

The story is allowed to unfold and come into its own at a quiet, gradual pace. It further employs symbolism and metaphors to communicate its message. Consequently, when the closure of the narrative finally arrives, the viewer does not realise in the first instance that the film has already led them by hand to a place of no return."

To Read the original review, Click Here

Water (Neer) is now streaming on Prime Video in US, UK and Australia and Canada. Audiences across the globe can also watch the film on the premium short film platform SofyTv

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