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Changing the Narrative

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

It is commonly believed that independent cinema and production houses are like fireflies. The not so lucky ones never get noticed and the lucky ones have their momentary shining moment only to then disappear into the night. In this highly competitive space Narrative Pictures has stood the test of time by challenging this very narrative and building itself brick by brick.

What started over 8 years ago as an idea, slowly grew from project to project to make its mark on the national film stage by bagging the National Award in the Arts and Culture category for its feature length documentary Bunkar in 2019. Our Short Film Neer (Water) as well as feature documentary film was well received on the world stage and received accolades and praise alike from all their audiences

The journey on these uncharted waters was not always a smooth sail. But, having survived many a storms we can say without doubt that there is hope for every production house or filmmamker that believes in their own kind of cinema and wants to take it to the world!

In William Fichtner's words " The process of making an independent film is like building a mini Eiffel Tower with popsicle sticks - it doesn't happen overnight and its not easy."

If we were to identify the corner stones that define Narrative Pictures' journey - it would be patience, conviction and team work! Nothing would have been possible without being able to bring together the best team of like minded storytellers to translate all our narratives into pictures!

Together We Imagine. Together We Create.

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